Pool Spring Cleaning

Spring started a bit early in the Tampa Bay area this year.  It’s already time for pool spring cleaning.  Time to get all of the pool’s equipment in good working order, and the water clean.  To keep it clean requires good water circulation, along with the water being properly balanced and sanitized.

If your pool leaks, keeping the water in balance becomes frustrating, expensive and a lot more difficult.  Fresh water must constantly be added to prevent the skimmer from sucking air, which tends to dilute the chemicals in the pool water.   Now extra chemicals have  to be added to keep the pool water in semi-balance.  If your pool happens to have a leak on the suction side of it’s plumbing system, not only do you have the water loss issue but possible problems with the pool’s circulation as well.

If your pool has a leak, now is a great time to find it.  We can quickly find it for you, guaranteed.  Once the leak is found and fixed, you’ll save money on all the extra water and chemicals otherwise needed to maintain it, minus all the extra aggravation.