We have the experience to find and repair most any pool or spa leak.

We specialize in detecting pool and spa leaks along with using our expertise to repair swimming pool leaks and spa leaks. All of our work is based on a flat fee schedule, not hourly. Rarely does it take us more than one visit to find all of the leaks, but if we must return to test further, you are not charged extra. If an actual leak exists and we can’t find it, our service is free. With over 10 years of experience, we guarantee our work completely! Our complete pool or spa leak detections come with a 30 day warranty.  If it should start leaking again during this time, we will come back out for a free recheck.

Pool and Spa leak detections

To detect a leak, a leak first has to exist. You have probably heard of the bucket or evaporation test.  It’s free, and simple to run. The hardest part is the 24 hour wait, and if it rains you should start over. Some customers are positive their pool leaks, we just recommend they run the test to make sure it’s not just evaporation.

The entire pool or spa system is usually tested to be certain that all leaks are found. This includes pressurizing all of it’s plumbing, as well as a complete test of it’s shell and structures.  But if the customer wants us to check a specific area in the pool system first we can, usually for a service call fee.  If a leak is there, and the customer feels confident that was the only leak, it’s then their call for us to continue checking or not. The service fee is applied towards a complete leak detection if the customer desires further testing.  We cannot guarantee what we have not tested.


Through Deck Repair Before

Through deck pool or spa plumbing repairs

Our equipment will allow us to pinpoint the location of a leak under the deck, so now search and destroy repairs are eliminated. We know where to start the repair, and  involve only enough area to access and fix the problem. The leaky section is removed and replaced with new pipe. The repaired line is always re-pressurized to inspect the repair and to make certain there are no other leaks on that line. The hole is carefully filled with sand/soil to support the piping, concrete added back to it’s original level, then topped off with the appropriate surface to match the deck.

Structural repairs for pools and spas

The shell creates a vessel designed to hold water.  A pool or spa’s structure includes the shell and also the area around any spa jets, water returns, outlets, lights, skimmer or the main drain box to name a few.  Any of these areas may over time compromise the pool shell’s ability to hold water. A leak can develop where water escapes through a weakness, say for instance around a skimmer mouth or a water return pipe.

A crack completely through the pool’s shell can also allow water to escape.  A crack is usually caused by some form of tension applied to the pool shell due to earth/soil movement or settling. Whenever water leaks through a void or crack in a concrete shell, it slowly erodes the integrity of the cement near the leak. This area turns mushy and grows larger over time, so with each passing day the amounts of water, chemicals and strength lost from your pool will slowly increase.

From repairing a leaky skimmer mouth, to the injection of resin into a cracked bond beam behind the waterline tiles, we have the experience to do the job right the first time.  After the repair material has cured, we resurface over it with the same color and brand of plaster which was originally used if at all possible. The same is true with the color and style of any tiles being replaced following a repair. We offer up front, flat rates on all of our repairs.  Each repair comes with a 12 month warranty and an unconditional money back guarantee if it should fail, which is very rare.  

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