You think it’s just pool evaporation?

It’s time again to really suspect evaporation if you think your pool or spa leaks.  The air is hot, the water is rapidly warming up, yet the humidity in the air is still rather low. Windy days are also common this time of year, which tend to dry things out.  The hot days, warming water, slightly less humidity, and wind all combine to really increase the water evaporation rate.  Spring is actually the time of the year for Florida’s pool evaporation rate to be at it’s highest.

A free but also effective way to make sure that your leak is not just due to evaporation has been outlined.  Just click on the blue bucket in the side-bar and you will be taken to that page.  Go ahead and run the simple test for yourself to see if your pool actually does or doesn’t have a detectable leak.  If it does, give us a call and we can help find it for you.