What our customers say about us

“Just wanted to let you know that my spa leak was finally found. Several others tried to find the leak but with no success, and each time these visits usually resulted in more money out of my pocket. On your first visit the spa jet that actually leaked was located. After you replaced the faulty jet, the spa has not lost water since. I should have called Zeroed-In Leak Detection to begin with.”

Karen of Valrico, FL

“I was in a panic. My pool had never lost water like this. You sensed my urgency and came on out.  It was drizzling rain, the pool water was very cloudy and down below the skimmer mouth. The tech told me these were not ideal conditions. He checked what he could in the pool but could not find a leak. The drizzle stopped, he set up a test and turned the pump back on.  He returned the next day to check the results. There was no loss. All he had to say was to call back if need be and that maybe a valve had been turned  the wrong way by the filter.  After the pool was refilled there was no more water loss.  All I can say is thank you Zeroed-In Leak Detection!”

M.S. of Lithia, FL

“My pool had been leaking forever. I have had the light patched many times before and assumed it was there again. A good friend told me to call Zeroed-In Leak Detection. Your technician checked the light. It didn’t leak, but instead he found leaks inside a wall outlet and also in the tile line. Zeroed-In Leak Detection not only found new leaks but patched them too. Your technician told me they were not repairs, but sort of a band-aid.  It is so nice to save money and time on those extra chemicals and water.  A follow up call asking me if how my pool was came as a complete suprise. He stopped the leaks and I will surely call you again. Many thanks.”

Cheri of Holiday, FL

“I had to write to say that finally someone showed up on their appointment time. What a breath of fresh air. I try to be understanding but my time is valuable also. And on top of it all, there was actually no leak in the pool. Your technician found water coming out from the bottom of the pool heater and recommended my pool service repair the problem and to call back if necessary. Turns out Zeroed-In Leak Detection  found the leak and did not charge me anything, said he was already in the area. I will tell everyone I know with a pool who to call.”

N.B. of Brandon, FL

“Zeroed-In Leak Detection sure lives up to their name. I’ve had several problems with my pool over the years but have always managed to solve the issues myself, but not this time. I just knew the leak had to be somewhere in the skimmer again but I just couldn’t find it.  Your technician said it wasn’t there, so I told him to check everything. My light hasn’t worked for years but he found a leak there. One of the screw holes also leaked at the main drain grate. He stopped the leaks around the light rim which had been puttied shut, and actually made an o-ring to seal the leak when the drain screw was tightened down. Good job!”

R.G. of Apollo Beach, FL

“I have a fiberglass pool that has leaked before but just couldn’t find this one.  The leak was also getting bigger too, now up to around 2 inches a day. Zeroed-In Leak Detection was recommended by a trusted friend.  Your tech called me at work, which I asked him to do once the leak was found. Since I work only a few minutes from my house, I wanted to see it.  He showed me the leak was in the return outlet on the front of the top step. By knowing, I am able to cut an opening through the top of the step right above the leak, replace the return and reconnect the pipe. I can then replace the cut out area with new fiberglass, (I work with fiberglass for a living.) Now it will be a much easier and cheaper repair thanks to him showing me the leak.  Oh, and he putty patched the area, left the eyeball out, and told me not to turn on the pump for 24 hrs. He also followed up with a call to check if the pool was still leaking, which it wasn’t. I surely did appreciate that and all you did for us. Thanks Zeroed-In.”

                                                                                                                                     Stan of Safety Harbor, FL

“Bought my home that had an existing pool. I was told the new pool surface had a lifetime warranty. This pool has leaked from day one and continued to get worse, up to 2” a day. Zeroed-In came out, found and repaired the leak on the first call. This company is very reliable and honest. I now have the pool I purchased.
Thank you so much.”

Keith of Riverview,FL