More causes for pesky pool return bubbles!

Let’s talk about more reasons for pool return bubbles. Again with the pool pump primed and running, turn the garden hose on low.  Allow the water to run not only over and around the pump lid, but also around the adapter fitting on the suction side of the pump.  Also check all above ground PVC couplings, elbows, T’s, jandy and ball valves associated with any skimmer, main drain or vacuum plumbing line.  Check each line carefully from where they come up out of the ground, to where they all eventually connect before entering the suction side of the pool pump.  Don’t just splash the water, but slowly run it over each fitting and valve handle.

If nothing has improved the problem, there is a chance that you may have a suction line blocked.  Usually the blockage is from leaves or debris, but children’s toys have a way of somehow getting sucked down the skimmer or into a wall vacuum outlet.  It happens.  Now the pump may be starved for water to keep it running right.

Another possibility for the bubble creation may lie with the pump itself.  The pump impeller could be worn out or broken, or an actual crack in the pump pot or lid itself could be the culprit.  The drain plug in the pump pot could also be the reason.

Most customers are unequipped to remove blockages or repair pump problems.  Contact a good pool service for help with these issues.  For the underground leaks, Zeroed-In would be glad to help.