Mr. Jackson’s spa jet leak

The Jackson family has enjoyed their pool/spa combination for the past twelve years. Ever since he had the system built, Mr. Jackson has taken care of the pool duties himself.  He takes pride in having a crystal clear pool, and every weekend will take a sample of it’s water across town to have analyzed.  Whatever chemicals it may need to keep the water clean and clear are brought home and added to the pool.  Mr. Jackson regularly backwashes the pool filter, and also makes sure that he keeps the walls brushed down, and the tile lines clean.  He also has an automatic pool cleaner running off a dedicated vacuum line to clean the pool bottom. It does a good job. Leaves are not a problem now, ever since he had the pool screened in.

Now Mr. Jackson has a pool leak, or at least he thought so.  He was fairly certain that it was either a skimmer leak or light leak.  It’s what he had heard, but couldn’t find it there or anywhere.  His pool had never leaked before and he really didn’t know what to do. He spotted our van at his neighbor’s house a few doors down.  He walked over and explained what he could about his pool.  His pool was just as he described and Mr. Jackson had already run an evaporation test and was sure there was a leak somewhere.  There was no visible leak at the pool equipment area or waste line.  He agreed to the terms and guarantee, then wanted us to “just find it”.  He also wanted the pool repair but was told we had to find it first before we could tell him anything

No structural leak was found in either the pool or the spa.  All the pool plumbing held pressure.  The spa jet line was tested but it failed, which indicated a leak somewhere on this line.  His spa had six jets spaced along its wall.  They were are all connected together by the spa jet line, which had a leak on it.  The leak was found and marked.

Mr. Jackson scheduled the spa repair for later the same week.  An access hole was cut through the deck to expose the leak.  The spa jet housing was cracked and had to be replaced and re-plumbed.  The entire spa jet line, including the repair, was re-pressurized to make certain there were no other leaks on it. The area around the new jet was waterproofed and  the surface refinished.  The deck was then restored.